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We Provide Automatic Openers, Electric Motors, and Remotes and Offer Same Day Installations and Repairs


Did you know you can Lose Up to 10% of your home's heat from your garage door?

Make sure your garage door is working & running properly this winter reduce your heating bills Up to 10% with an

Eidelberg 12 Point Garage Door Check

1. Adjust motor limits

2. Adjust motor force

3. Check spring tension

4. Balance door

5. Replace moving shove wheels

6. Align tracks & lubricate w/silicon spray

7. Check hinges

8. Tighten all nuts & bolts

9. Adjust top bracket, so door closes at the bottom

10. Adjust or replace bottom with a thicker rubber

11. Install double moldings for an airtight garage

12. Check all remotes, batteries & keypads



Eidelberg Proudly Sells Amarr Entrematic Garage Doors

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