Local Services in Bronx, NY

Over 70 Years Experience

S.J. Fuel Co., Inc.

601 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Energy prices are unpredictable and near all-time highs! 

SJ Fuel is the cost saving solution for all commercial, residential and industrial customers.

New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware!


Services - Residential & Commercial:

  • #2, #4, or #6 Oil Deliveries
  • Diesel Fuel and Gasoline
  • Natural Gas
  • Boiler/Burner Replacement & Repair
  • Gas, Oil and Dual Fuel
  • Annual Inspections
  • Installations


  • Proven Reliable Service

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Experienced HVAC Technicians

Business Hours

We Offer 24 Hour Service, 7 Days a Week!