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White Glove Elite

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White Glove Elite is a Domestic Services Agency serving New York City since 1992.

White Glove Elite began as an adjunct to owner Jim Ireland’s acting career. While cleaning apartments in NYC to make ends meet, Jim’s strong work ethic garnered more clients than he could serve alone.

Jim began White Glove Elite in 1992 with two referred cleaners. By word-of-mouth and unsolicited media reviews, White Glove Elite’s pool of cleaners grew to over two hundred by the year 2005.

We could not have maintained our “Best of New York” status without standing behind our work with an excellent track record for customer satisfaction. Since we opened our doors in 1992, we have referred cleaners to over 96,000 jobs.

White Glove Elite carefully screens all professionals prior to referring them to our clients. We maintain specific ratings of each referred cleaner based on their history of customer satisfaction and we use that information to recommend the best cleaner suited to the specific needs of each customer.

White Glove Elite is a licensed agency of the Department of Consumer Affairs (license #1407882). All of our referred cleaners are bonded. We also offer up to $5,000 as a courtesy for any uncovered loss experienced as a result of our referral.

The cleaners referred by White Glove Elite are selected with great care. They are chosen for their abilities, experience, and potential for success.

Following each referral of a cleaner, we collect feedback from the clients regarding their experiences. Clients' feedback helps us successfully refer the perfect cleaner to a client time and time again.

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