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Seniors Hearing Services Inc.


  • Registered By NY State Division Of Licensing Services
  • Comprehensive Hearing Aid Service
  • Free House Calls In Queens, NY
  • 60 Day Trial Period & I00% Refund If Not Satisfied
  • Hearing Test For Amplification Is Free Of Charge
  • We Sell Digital & Other Models
  • Lower Prices & Seniors Discounts
  • 2 Year Warrenty On Most Models

Our Hearing Aid Specialist will give you an expert and comprehensive hearing test. The test is to determine if amplification would be of benefit to you. As part of the test, through headphones, you will actually hear the difference that amplification can make for you.

Our Prices are discounted from the other hearing aid dealers and we give an extra seniors discount. During our 60 day trial period, if for any reason, you decide to return the hearing aid(s), all your money will be refunded. There is absolutely no risk!

Most of our patients prefer the convenience of a house call, (there is no charge for this service). If, however, you prefer to come to our office, that can be arranged as well.

If you or a family member is having hearing difficulties, contact us for a convenient appointment. The test, as outlined above, is free of charge, and there is absolutely no obligation.


"Jerry, choosing you for my new aids was the best choice I made. You are helpful, friendly, courteous and caring. The times that I needed you, you were there promptly with superb help, for which I deeply appreciate. The aids are superb, because without them, I can barely hear. Knowing that you are there, should I need help with the aids, gives me great peace of mind. Always be well, and thank you for everything."   -Bob S.

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