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Privacy Policies For Websites: Why You Need One

privacy policies for websites

There has been an ever-growing concern over internet users’ privacy over the last few years. It has ultimately gotten to the point where the vast majority of users do not trust companies like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc. to safely handle their personal data. We understand how important it is for companies to advertise to their customers based on demographics and interests, which is why we recommend you add a privacy policy to your website. Not sure what the purpose of privacy policies for websites are? Keep reading to find out why you need one!

You Should Inform Your Customers

The collection, selling, and/or distribution of personal data is the driving force behind people’s growing distrust of the internet. If you install a privacy policy on your website, you can easily inform your customers of exactly what you’ll be doing with their data. This should include what kind of information you collect, why you collect it, how you obtain it, and what you plan to do with it. If you keep your customers in the loop, they could be more likely to trust you and may continue to use your website or call you for services. More on that later.

You May Be Legally Required To Have One

With the growing data privacy concerns comes increased government regulation. There isn’t any sort of legislation on a federal level when it comes to privacy policies on websites, but some states have signed laws requiring websites to have privacy policies on them if their businesses collect people’s data. You can read up on the specific laws state by state here, and we suggest looking for your state to see the privacy laws you must follow. If your state doesn’t appear in that article, be sure to do more research on your own state. The best businesses follow legal, ethical practices!

You Can Build Trust 

Like we previously said, you should inform your customers of everything you intend to do regarding their personal information. If you do this, you can begin to form a sense of trust between you and your customers. People will appreciate knowing exactly what you do with their information, as transparency is generally an important part of building trust. The more and more businesses start implementing privacy policies, the sooner we can regain people’s trust in the internet. 

Privacy Policies For Websites: Get Yours Today

Hopefully you now understand the importance of privacy policies and why you should put one up on your website. If you have any further questions about privacy policies for websites, or if you’d like to add one to your site, be sure to contact Thump Local to assist you!

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