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Review Stars is a Thump Local service focused on generating and showcasing positive reviews about our clients from their customers.

In the modern world, one of the most important tasks for small businesses is managing their digital presence. According to Forbes, 97% of consumers use the Internet to search for local businesses, and the most important way to make a good impression on these consumers is through positive customer reviews. Forbes also claims that 90% of customers are influenced in their purchasing decisions by positive online reviews. Review sites like Google My Business, Better Business Bureau, Yahoo, Facebook, and other industry-specific services are now the epicenter of word-of-mouth advertising. Thankfully, Thump Local offers Review Stars, a service that allows small business owners to take control of their user reviews across all of these diverse platforms. Our digital marketing experts have compiled this guide to educate small business owners on the benefits of Review Stars

What is Review Stars?

Review Stars is a specialized service and division of Thump Local focused on generating and showcasing positive reviews about our clients from their customers. The system is designed to boost the positive online reputation of our clients by prompting their customers to write reviews on major review sites and circulating positive feedback across the Internet. Review Stars does this by sending your customers texts and emails asking them to leave reviews for your services and using these positive reviews to advertise your business and help you rank higher in organic searches and paid digital ads. 

Monitor and Customize Your Reviews With Review Stars

Review Stars allows you to monitor the reviews your business is receiving across all the numerous popular review websites and to customize your plan to prioritize getting more reviews on the most important websites for your industry. For instance, if you are an HVAC servicing company and you want to have more positive reviews on Angi, we can customize your Review Stars plan to push more of your customers to leave reviews on that site. The service also allows you to quickly and easily respond to all of these reviews from your dashboard, regardless of what platform they were submitted to, which will also allow you to manage any negative reviews.

Handle Unhappy Customers Privately

Review Stars does not generate fake reviews or prompt customers to only submit positive reviews. These practices are not only deceptive, they are also ineffective and can spark client backlash. Instead, Review Stars allows small businesses to manage negative reviews offline by directly connecting them with displeased clients to rectify situations before they get a chance to post their negative reviews online. Reviews Stars does this by including an “If your experience wasn’t great, we want to make it right. Contact us directly” button on the review portal so negative reviews are sent directly to you instead of being posted online. Whenever you get a negative review, you will receive an alert so that you can get in touch with the unhappy client in order to rectify the situation and protect your business’s online reputation. 

Share Your Reviews and Rank Higher in Search With Review Stars

You can also use Review Stars to circulate your business’ good reviews across the internet in several ways. The service can directly post your 4- to 5-star reviews on your social media pages and as a badge and widget on your website. The positive reviews you gather from other platforms using Review Stars can also be visible on your business’s Google My Business listing and will help your company rank higher in search results. Companies that rank higher in search are more likely to be found by potential customers, leading to more business growth.

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Now that you know how Review Stars can help your small business, you can reach out to Thump Local if you are interested in implementing this service into your digital marketing plan. In addition to our Review Stars packages, we also offer an affordable array of other digital advertising services. Our team is experienced in targeted local digital marketing and we would love the opportunity to work with your business to grow your customer base. Let us know how we can help your business grow.

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