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Why You Should Complete Your Google Business Profile Profile

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Just under a year ago, we discussed how small businesses can greatly benefit from creating a Google Business Profile (GMB) account. GMB provides small businesses with the competitive edge needed to help compete with larger, more established businesses online. However, your profile is no good if you omit certain sections or don’t set everything up correctly the first time. Here are just a few reasons why you should complete and optimize your Google Business Profile profile.

Act Like You Belong

Your Google Business Profile profile is a great platform to compete with more prolific businesses, but you’re only going to see positive results if you put in the effort to fully complete your GMB profile. In other words, you have to present yourself as a direct competitor to bigger companies. That means filling out every section of your profile, and regularly publishing posts with robust, well-written content. Even though you are a smaller business, you have to present yourself with the same level of professionalism and tact as those above you in the pecking order. It’s not an easy task, but it’s a crucial one to help keep your business afloat in an already oversaturated realm!

Provide Accurate Information Only

This one may go without saying, but you’ll want to make sure all the information you list on your GMB is up to date. Business hours, company address, phone number — everything of this sort should be 100% accurate, leaving no room for vagueness. The last thing you want to do is misguide prospective customers, which could deter them from asking for your services. You don’t want to miss a potential client’s call because your business closed an hour before your GMB said you would. Being honest with your clientele is a rule you should always follow, and having a truthful Google Business Profile profile is a great way to uphold that!

You Can Express Yourself

The best part of GMB is that it is completely yours to customize! The accurate information is important, but you choose how to describe your business, which photos to upload, how to respond to reviews, and what updates to post. GMB is a wonderful hybrid service combining listings and blogs designed to give businesses exposure, so getting creative is a great way to help stand out! Try posting an interestingly composed picture, or post a special deal people can’t find anywhere else. Have some fun with it!

Setting up a Google Business Profile profile can be tedious, but we promise it’s worthwhile. The results a completed profile can yield are limitless, and you don’t want to hinder your business by leaving it incomplete. If you need help creating, completing, and/or optimizing your GMB, please give Thump Local a call to provide you with all the digital marketing solutions you may need!

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