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How To Maximize Your Ad Designs

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What’s the key to an effective social media ad campaign? Gripping, engaging ad designs! You can have the best written copy in the world, but none of that will matter if your designs are plain and just uninteresting overall. If you want to maximize the leads, clicks, conversions, etc., on your ad campaigns, you’ll have to put great thought and care into creating designs for them. What are some good practices, you might ask? Here are a few tips:

Don’t Overcrowd Information

The best ad designs are descriptive, but also concise. Of course you can have information typed out on your ad, but you do not want to overload your design with it. Sensory overload can be overwhelming for your target audience, which can hamper your ad’s performance. Additionally, your ad could get flagged for being low quality, which could prompt the social platform, like Facebook, to show your ad to fewer people. What can you do to combat this? Only use text sparingly when it comes to taking up precious real estate on your graphic, and save some information for the copy. Your designs should welcome people in, not scare them away!

Keep It Simple

Going off the previous point, we advise you to not overthink your ad designs. You don’t have to spend hours on end creating custom designs; oftentimes the simpler designs get the job done! That doesn’t mean you should be carefree with your approach, but you should not be spending large chunks of time on individual graphics. You have to find that perfect balance of making your images look professional without breaking your back designing them. If you use a graphic design tool like Canva or one of its alternatives, you will have a plethora of templates to choose from. That way, all you have to do is swap out some images and text. Graphic design has only become more accessible over the years!

Cater To Your Audience

The best way to increase performance from your audience is to market directly toward them! This requires understanding your audience, so we suggest looking at the results of your previous ad campaigns. Take a look at your demographics and pay particular attention to the age and location of your audience. Knowing which age group and city viewed your ad the most, you can tailor your next design to get those same people to view and click on it! For example, if you own a moving company, and your best performing demographic is New York City residents in their 30s, you can include a photo of the city’s skyline and write a nice tagline that appeals to them. Sometimes that’s all it takes! 

We understand that creating ad designs can be troublesome. It isn’t easy to make ads that are effective yet not overbearing, but you have to find that middle ground to maximize your campaigns. If you’d like to have someone design and publish your ads for you, consider reaching out to a digital marketing agency like Thump Local! Our team of experts can get your business rolling in no time with our comprehensive suite of solutions.

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