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How To Optimize Your Marketing Strategies This Spring

Optimize marketing strategies by working together

Springtime is often synonymous with spring cleaning. Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to mean decluttering your home. You can spring clean in any area of your life, including your marketing strategies. It’s always a good idea to check in with how your strategies are working and reassess any areas where you’d like to see improvement. Here are a few key ways to clean up and optimize your marketing strategies this spring.

Spring Cleaning: Marketing Edition

1. Focus on Your Most Profitable Services

It’s easy to get into a routine fulfilling your services for your clients. But do you know which services are actually making you money? An audit of which services best support your business can help you know which ones to focus on in your marketing strategies. You may even find that it’s not worth your time to continue offering certain less popular services. Your time and energy is best used building up and expanding upon the most popular and profitable services you offer.

2. Reconsider Your Social Platforms

The social media world changes rapidly. The top three most popular social platforms several years ago may look different today. It’s important to evaluate which platforms are most used by the clients you are trying to attract. This way, you ensure you are putting your advertising efforts in the correct places. You want to consistently build your presence on your social platforms while also diversifying. You should avoid relying on only one platform for social media success.

3. Evaluate Your Website

From content quality to SEO to responsive design, make sure your website is up to speed with today’s best practices. Since best practices are constantly updating, a regular website audit is smart to do. You can always add new content, pictures, and videos to keep things fresh and as optimized as possible for search engines and the user experience (known in the marketing industry as UX).

4. Update Your Content

If you have blog articles or other content on your website that may have outdated information, now is the time to comb through that content and update it to be relevant to your business today. Keeping your content timely and up-to-date shows potential clients, as well as search engines, that you are actively engaged in growing knowledge about your industry. This often makes you viewed as an expert and as someone clients can trust.

Get Creative This Spring to Optimize Marketing Strategies

1. Incorporate Vibrant Colors In Your Marketing Materials

Springtime makes people think of flowers and bright colors. Play into the aesthetic of the season and incorporate vibrancy into your social posts, paid ads, blog articles, emails, and any other marketing materials you send out. Vibrant colors will brighten the look of your marketing materials and make your business seem relevant and timely.

2. Capitalize on Spring Holidays

Though you may not think of springtime as “holiday season” (that title usually refers to the fall and winter holidays), there are several holidays in the spring that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy. Between Easter, Passover, Earth Day, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day, there are plenty of opportunities to offer sales, host contests, and otherwise capitalize on the springtime holiday season.

3. Sponsor Local Sports Teams

A great way to get your name out there this spring is to sponsor your local Little League team or other local sports teams that need sponsorship. You’ll get your business name on their jerseys for everyone to see, and maybe even get the team named after you!

4. Join Community Events

With the warmer weather come community events like fairs, markets, concerts, and festivals. Depending on your business, see if you can set up a booth and hand out flyers, brochures, or business cards to gain visibility and new business. You can give out swag, too, like magnets, buttons, stickers, or pens, which will keep your brand’s logo in people’s top of mind whenever they use these items.

There are so many ways to optimize your marketing strategies anew each year, but it can be time consuming to stay on top of and implement. That’s why it might make sense to hire a marketing professional to do it for you. At Thump Local, our experts can help you in all areas of digital marketing so you can focus your time and efforts on your business while being successful at gaining visibility and new clients.

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