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3 Business Practices To Take Advantage Of This Summer

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Summer is finally here! While this time of year is meant for vacations, going to the beach, and other seasonal activities, it is also the perfect time for you to capitalize on maximizing your business. There are numerous business tactics to practice this summer that can produce great results. Here are some ideas for you to think on:

Promote Your Seasonal Services

Prospective customers’ service interests will vary based on the time of the year. For example, let’s say you run an HVAC company. You’re probably going to have less requests for boiler and hot water heater services, but you will more than likely see an uptick in air conditioner installation and repair requests. As a business owner, you need to take advantage of this! The best way to do so is to turn to your social media pages. Regardless of the platform, promoting your seasonal services will tell your audience everything they need to know (i.e. your services, why they matter, how to get in touch). Don’t have a large audience? Boost your posts as paid advertisements and expand your outreach! Additionally, you can feature your more popular services for the season on your website. Showing those services front and center on your site can do wonders for your business this summer! 

Update Your Business’ Information

This practice goes hand-in-hand with the previous paragraph. The best businesses are the ones that keep themselves up to date so their customers are only presented with relevant information. Updating information about your business could mean many things — the first of which being to promote your seasonal services as we just discussed. On top of that, one of the best things you can do is keep your customers informed about any changes made to your business for the summer. These can range from newly-added services, altered hours, changed methods of work, expanded areas of service, etc. You can show these changes on your social media pages and website as well, but you can also show them on your Google My Business (GMB) page and enter them into Yext, our listings management service, to boost your online presence. 

Focus On Your Reviews

In a previous blog, we went in-depth about why you should care about your company’s reviews and reputation. A great online reputation is the foundation of a successful business, so maintaining a positive presence should be one of your top priorities. How can you go about doing that? The first step is to create pages on review platforms like GMB, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, etc. Once that’s done, you have to start receiving reviews! You can spread the word about your review pages in several ways: promoting on your website and social media, using word of mouth, or subscribing to an instant, streamlined feedback system like Review Stars. If you are satisfying your customers with your summer services, you absolutely must have your customers spread the word about how awesome your business is!

So, you have all this information about how to grow your business this summer. Now what? If you’re not sure where to start, Thump Local has you covered! Our services are all-encompassing, which means we can help you with any of the aforementioned business tactics. Get in touch with us today to maximize your business development this summer! 

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