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The Importance of Email Marketing

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The Importance of Email Marketing

Although it may be difficult to remember a time when most of us had not heard of email, this communication phenomenon only became a mainstream medium in the mid 1990’s. Email marketing campaigns have become one of the most effective ways for small businesses to stay relevant and top-of-mind with their current and potential customers.

Most adults in the U.S. like receiving promotional materials from the companies they are familiar and do business with. Email marketing is more likely to drive sales than marketing on social media. At Thump Local, LLC, we will always work hard to help you build your business through email marketing. Our team of professionals will work with your small business to ensure you not only build your brand through an effective email campaign, but we will also work to help grow your customer potential while retaining your loyal customers. 

Utilizing a productive email marketing campaign is always a cost-friendly vehicle for educating your current and potential clients on who you are as a small business, staying relevant and conveying any information you deem necessary to drive new business, and increasing traffic to your website. 

We Learn Who You Are!

At Thump Local, LLC., we really take the time to get to know you and your business goals. We will customize an email marketing campaign for your small business that generates results. 

No matter what your small business needs are, we look forward to customizing a campaign that will:

  • Increase your Brand Loyalty/Brand Credibility
  • Generate New Business
  • Ask for Testimonials from Existing Customers
  • Educate Existing/Potential Clients 
  • Improve your Brand Image

Increasing your customer base is what we look forward to helping you accomplish. Using an email marketing campaign is not only cost-effective, but yields GREAT results, while utilizing a medium that has proven effective for over 20 years.

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